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As urban areas have grown, traffic problems have grown exponentially as well. Traffic congestion and traffic jams, as well as traffic deaths, have a significant impact on life in a city and experts are searching for ways to make better use of the highways. Traffic experts and research engineers have been studying ways to better manage traffic and to make vehicles smarter utilizing systems where driverís duties are partially or even completely taken over by automated systems.

Advanced Vehicle Control Systems (AVCS) are part of an Intelligent Vehicle Highway System (IVHS) that is being studied in centers all over the world.

guidance This technology is based on that of Automated Guided Vehicle Systems (AGVS), which consists of unmanned trucks, usually powered by electric motors and batteries, in use for over 50 years in industry and wharehousing. For the Advanced Vehicle Control Systems that will automate the car of the future, technicians keep a close look at Aerospace Technology.
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