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To increase the capacity a highway is able to carry, a concept of “platooning” has been developed. This is the idea that cars can travel in organized groups, much more compactly than they would do if individual drivers had complete control of their car. They achieve this by controlling individual cars using magnets on the road and sensors in the cars to control left to right movement, and radar systems in the car to control forward and backward movement and maintain consistent and safe vehicle spacing. Visual sensors are also being developed to assist with more complicated things like lane changes or merging into traffic.

guidance While some have proposed a system that acts almost like an autopilot in the vehicle, most believe that a combination of highway automation and vehicle automation is the best plan. These two systems would communicate with each other to safely guide a car from its starting point to its destination. This could be achieved using things like electronic signs or digital signals transmitted by the highway system and received and interpreted by the vehicle guidance system.
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