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There are several concerns that must be addressed before a viable system can be put in place. They include the obvious issues of the reliability and safety of such systems, as well the cost. Those researching vehicle guidance systems point to airline guidance systems as a defense of both issues, citing their multiple levels of redundancy, and the dropping prices as the technology has matured.

There are however, a couple of other things that still appear as points of discussion. While they are not technical problems, they are of concern to some who have studied vehicle guidance. The first is the concept of liability. Some feel that if highway management or vehicle manufacturers take on responsibility for vehicle guidance, they are assuming liability for those cars safety as well. The air traffic control system is once again given as an answer to this issue.

guidance There are other secondary issues of concern, such as the lack of privacy afforded by a centralized system that records the location of vehicles. Others worry about government regulation of the system or how such a wide-ranging system could possibly be deployed.
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